Thank you to the Wexford People Newspaper for publishing a small piece in April 14 edition. You can read the full piece here, should you wish to read it.

I'm delighted to announce that I was awarded an Artlinks Bursary for 2020. Thank you to Artlnks and Wexford Co. Council for the support to aid in my professional development.

I am currently enrolled on a mentoring/correspondence course with TURPS art school. I'm really enjoying the challenge and as I'm almost half way through, am beginning to think quite differently about how I approach my work. As an artist who has spent the past 10 years or so working in isolation in rural Ireland, it's so important for me to be in touch with my contemporaries and to keep my finger on the pulse of the contemporary painting scene. To have a new network of artists with the same ambitions and aspirations as I do is wonderful. We plan to have a group show in London any the end of the course year. Watch this space.

“Imagine you are in a very, very remote place and post takes a couple of months to arrive. Or you are above the arctic circle! You send images to an esteemed colleague and await response. The response comes months later. You are unable to ask questions of what you just read because it's a letter, no Internet, no phones. What then happens is that you slow right down, you listen to and digest every last drop of sense in that letter. You sniff it, you sleep with it under your pillow and you constantly re-read it until you suck every last ounce of anything useful from it. You then make work and any accompanying comments that are posted off with your next work upload will be very deeply thought about. That's it, period! Babbling, garbling impatient 'I must know now' hysteria has ruined people's ability to absorb and reflect. In doing this course you have enabled a slightly different process to take place. You learn from what you already know. The mentor is a guide. You do the work. It works! Read, reflect then make!”

Marcus Harvey, Director


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